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White Rock Bed & Breakfast
British Columbia Accommodation
Stay in Vancouver, BC, Canada

                                   Covid 19 Safety Plan

1) Proprietors clean and sanitize the suite, wearing apron, gloves and mask.  All surfaces are sanitized including door handles. Appliances are all sanitized.

2) Linens are washed in hot water. Blankets are also washed.

3) We provide guests with hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes and masks.

4) All foods are presented in hygienic bags and containers.  They are placed in the suite prior to guest arrival.  Guests are instructed to take any foods left, with them, on departure.  Any additional foods or supplies are placed on a table in our porch. Guests pick them up from that location.

5) A number of single use items are provided and disposed of by guests: eg. sugar packets, yoghurt, and snack portions, juice boxes,  bar soaps.

6) Guests, and proprietor greeting guests, wear masks and socially distance. 

7) Orientation is done outside, on the guest patio. Proprietor does not enter the suite, which has been fully prepared before guest arrival.

8) Greeting proprietor instructs guests to read personalized "Welcome" page of sanitary rules for guest stays. We also have a general Covid sanitary protocol sheet which is standing on a dresser and reads::


                                                      1- Hand Hygiene: - Please wash frequently

                                                                                   We also supply sanitizer 

                                                                                   Container is only for your family (Please take remainder with you when you go) 
                                                     2- Do not touch eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
                                                     3- Physical distancing - 6 feet or 2 metres
                                                     4- Please close and tie tops of garbage bags before you check out
                                                     5- Please put used towels in plastic bags and tie tops
                                                     6- Please dispose of all personal use items
                                                     7- Please put any DVDs or Videos you use in the paper bags                                                                                        
9) As per our guidelines from the B.C. Health Authority, guests are asked to place dry, used towels in garbage bags provided, and to tie the tops.  The same is done for garbage.  DVDs and videos used are put in a paper bag. We sanitize them before the next guests arrive.
10) We do not enter the suite during guest stays.  All communication is done by phone.
11) After guests depart, we leave several days before entering the suite for cleaning.